FIC: Nothing Gold Can Stay (X-Men, Rogue, PG)

Title: Nothing Gold Can Stay
Summary: spoilers for X3, my own fanon
Tarot: The Tower, for
Fandom: X-Men
Character/Pairing: Rogue

She’s walking in a crowd, skin brushing against other skin without fear, empty smile on her face when it happens again.
She’s been happy, or something like it, these months, back home. She hasn’t quite figured out how to become her old self though, hasn’t found that spot inside herself that remained unchanged after these years. Her old friends have either moved on or still won’t have anything to do with her. Her new friends – her mutant friends – have a new life, and while they remain cordial, they are worlds apart.
But it happens again. All over the country, the cure is failing. Mutants are reverting in dangerous extremes and Marie spends her nights praying to whatever God she hopes exists that she’s the one exception. That she’s been cured in the forever way. Because as hard as it is being back here again, being normal again, she doesn’t think she can go back to that life. She doesn’t think she can go back to that constant fear.
She’s walking in a crowd, swinging bare arms at her sides in a short-sleeved t-shirt, empty smile on her face when it happens again. She sees a classmate across the quad and stops to wave, ignoring the flash of nausea but jolting to attention when another student runs into her and the pull is suddenly there with a strength like she’s never felt it before.
She screams and pulls back, shaking and holding her arms to her chest like the weapons they have so suddenly become. But it’s too late; the boy is collapsed on the sidewalk, sprawled there, chest no longer rising and falling.
Oh shit, now I’m late for class, he thinks in her mind, and she falls to her knees beside his prone form, tears squeezing from her eyes. "Oh God, oh God, oh God," she repeats, tearing at her skin, though she knows now that no one is there to answer.
She knows he is dead when the paramedics come and go, covering the body with a sheet and carting it off. One of them mutters something about "damn mutants" and she feels her heart break a little bit more.
An officer asks her name and between sobs she manages to gasp out "Rogue. Its Rogue."

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