Drabble: Point Blank (Alias, Isabelle/Rachel, R)

Title: Point Blank

The gun at her back is cold and hot at the same time, sending shivers up her spine, a strange spark of icy fire through her core as Isabelle Vaughan slowly raises her hands in an act of surrender. "When you put it that way… I suppose I can see your point." Her lips parted and a quick rush of air left her lungs.

Hands from behind, deliciously bare and surprisingly uncalloused, caressing the skin of her back. "I’m perfectly willing to find the wire myself and disable it."

The gun’s barrel pressed between them, bodies suddenly joined and the stranger’s hand groping down the front of Isabelle’s leather pants as she arches into the long, delicate fingers. "Search away, Agent Gibson," Isabelle moaned, not sounding a bit like her mother. "You’ll find that I might, in fact, be armed."

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Writer/editor, caregiver.
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