Drabble: Better (Big Love, Margene, PG)

Title: Better
Info: Big Love, Margene (hints of Margene/Barb and Margene/Nicki), PG, Spoilers for 2×01

She only wants to make things better. She only wants to make things okay. But the thing is; they aren’t. And she’s trying really hard, but she’s not sure that there’s anything else that she can do, and really, what do they expect out of her, she’s only third wife.
Margene wants to crawl into Barb’s lap and never ever leave. To have the older woman brush her hair back and hum and quiet song while the morning light filters in through the window shade. Barb will come home and they will all be married again, and touches as well as voices will be light and gentle and loving.
She wants to tell Nicki that even if Barb didn’t come home things would be okay. That they could just be married to each other, and would run the family just fine together. She doesn’t believe it, not for a second, but it’s a nice thought and for a moment, while she imagines herself saying the words, she can picture the two of them smiling and setting the table, hands occasionally touching.
But maybe, just maybe, there will be the three of them again. Everyone will forget (somehow) the fiasco of the Mother of the Year, and life will fall quiet. There will be Sunday afternoons on the edge of the pool and no maddening laps. There will be nights with Bill, of course, and there will be nights without Bill. Things will be better. Things will be okay.

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