Drabble: Marriage (Alias, Sydney/Rachel/Nadia, NC-17)

Title: Marriage
Author: aphrodite_mine
Info: For piperrhiannon’s prompt for femslash_today’s porn battle, Alias, Sydney/Rachel/Nadia, making it work.

Nadia felt like the something borrowed I’d heard about brides needing to wear on their wedding day. She wasn’t mine, she never would be. But when her lips fell against mine, something fell into place, and Sydney smiled.
Tasting of me, Nadia would touch her sister, gentle, than hard, swallowing her moans in their kiss. I would lift Sydney’s hair from behind, tangling it in my hands, something old, and kiss her neck, sucking her earlobe, biting down to hear her yell out and feel her knees buckle and her body fall back against me, my arms always ready.
Sydney would enmesh her fingers with mine, lifting our hands to cup Nadia’s supple breasts as the woman continued to work miracles with her tongue. Our thumbs would move as one, crossing her stiff nipple, then move lower, something new and glorious, lower, to feel the heat between her legs, so like Sydney’s but different, warmer even, their smells mixing in the twilight, my own wetness aching between my thighs.
The moon would hit the curtains at just the right angle so shadows fall across our skin, three toned, blueish in the night, sweat-sheened, and pleased, hair mixed on the pillows, bodies tangled.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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