Drabble: Discoveries (Alias, Isabelle/Sydney, Jack/Sydney, PG-13)

Alias [Isabelle/Sydney, Jack/Sydney]
Written for the Multi-Fandom Incestathon 2008

The first time Sydney catches her daughter at the puzzle, something drops in her stomach, and she’s not entirely sure how to identify the feeling but she labels it as dread. She pulls Vaughn aside in the kitchen – he’s still Vaughn to her, he always will be – and tells him something about puzzles and tests and spys and the government and he just kind of laughs and looks at her strangely and goes back to perfecting the spaghetti sauce.
The second time Sydney catches her daughter at the puzzle, Isabelle looks up and smiles. She’s far from stupid, it’s that Derevko blood in her that makes her pick up on the fizzle in the air whenever she opens the box of wooden pieces, makes her identify that this is something special. Something like her. Isabelle would very much like to be rewarded for her cleverness, but Sydney only stares, chewing on her bottom lip. She clenches and unclenches her hands, remembering something, or maybe only an echo of something.
The third time Sydney catches her daughter at the puzzle, she kneels down, dropped by the fog of memory, downed by something dark and powerful, something like a face in the darkness, a familiar smile, and fingers on her body, translucent skin, calloused fingertips but gentle movements. She gasps. Isabelle knocks the tower down, her heart racing. Sydney, she says, I want you to make me yours. She pushes Sydney down, gently, before rising to shut the door.

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