Drabble: Chocolate (28 Days, Gwen/Andrea, PG)

Title: Chocolate
Author: aphrodite_mine
Category: 28 Days (the movie starring Sandra Bullock), Gwen/Andrea, PG
Word Count: 160

Gwen watches the chocolate melt a little on Andrea’s fingertips. Andrea sucks religiously on each piece, swallowing the sweetness down with her eyes closed in bite-sized bliss. Semi-sweet. Dark chocolate. Feet bouncing a little, hanging off the edge of the bed.
She is pretending to read a book about the power of control. Gwen realizes that she stops the steady motion of her jaw chewing her gum when she looks at Andrea. Fingers to mouth. Hair falls in her eyes; just a strand or two. A tiny delighted sound. She licks her fingers clean after each bite. Flash of a pink tongue.
Another minute without turning the page. Gwen spits her gum into the trash can. “Think I could have one?”
“A piece of my chocolate?” Andrea asks, lifting her head. A tiny smear on her upper lip.
Gwen smiles. “No, it’s fine.” She’s not sure what she was asking for to begin with. Reaches for her bookmark.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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